Dag - Digital Silver (Digital Ag)
DAGs in circulation:
1 000
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Dag is a new virtual digital currency, a proposed silver-backed crypto-currency.

Dag is different to other crypto-currencies:
Dag does not have an own exchange-traded value (no bubble to burst), it is begged to silver, a real money, Dag will always keep its value.
The silver price is very undervalued, its real value is about 5 times what it is now.
Bitcoin and others need to be issued by mining which needs a lot of real resources (power, equipment) and a self-enrichment by the founders is usual.
Most crypto-currencies are anonymous. That means they can be misused for criminal activity (fraud, extortion, bribe payments, money laundering, ...).
But at Dag all transfers are recognized by the ID-names of the sender and receiver.

The Dag issuer is the GCM
The GCM CLG is registered as a Company Limited By Guarantee.
A company limited by guarantee does not have a share capital or shareholders, but instead has members who act as guarantors.
It cannot raise money by issuing shares to equity subscribers but it can issue debentures.
Legal Term: Dags are debentures of the GCM CLG dedicated for the capital provision to the proposed Dag Silver Company.

Dag Silver Company
The purpose of the Dag Silver Company will be to keep silver reserves.
This shall help Dagholder to protect them against the disaster of a very high inflation, hyperinflation or even a complete collapse of the interest debt money system.
Information what means hyperinflation, precaution against the coming hyperinflation

Silver-backed by the Dag Silver Company
Once established Dag will be a silver-backed currency by the Dag Silver Company.
Then it can be withdrawn to silver coins anytime (= real cash!), worldwide delivery.
Legal Term: Dags will be debentures of the Dag Silver Company but initially they are debentures of the GCM CLG.

Pre-ICO - Early bird special price:
Normally the Dag is begged to the value of ten grams of silver in EUR which is presently 4.6 EUR.
But the initial value for 1 Dag is 1 EUR.
Once the currency is established it will go up to its normal value.

Wallet platform:
The wallet platform for the Dag is the iduzone. To possess Dag you need to register.
1 Dag costs 1 EUR or equivalent in cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, BTG, LTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC, XRP).

Just for Dag owners: 20% Referral rewards!

Or if you rather prefer another currency: Basecoin

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